April 8

Visit to Parque Arvi from Medellin


After nearly 2 weeks in Medellin our final sightseeing outing was to the calm and tranquility of Parque Arvi.


Take the Metro to Acevedo station. After getting off the Metro do not exit the station but follow the signs to the Metrocable (Line K). Wait your turn in line and hop on one of the cable-car gondolas heading up the mountain.

There is no extra charge as you won’t have left the Metro system … staying within the Metro system for the trains and cable cars is what makes commuting around the city so cost effective.

There are 3 main stops along Like K: Andalucia, Popular and Santo Domingo. Most tourists go straight on through to Santo Domingo.

When you arrive at the end of the line in Santo Domingo Get out and have a look around the busy barrio. Walk towards the towering Espana Library Park (these library parks have been a major feature of the revival of the city). There is a wide vista viewpoint at the edge of the park.

Once you’re done taking photographs and taking in the views, head back over to the cable station. Pay your 5 500 COP for the 20-minute ride over the mountains and forests that surround Medellin to Parque Arvi

At Parque Arvi

If you want an English guided tour you need to make a booking the day before. The day we went there were no English tours so we just did the walk to the Picnic Chorro Clarin area.

When you arrive go to the information centre get maps and any other information you need. A one hour guided walk is 6 000 COP per person and a one and a half hour walk is 10 000 COP. Other options are to take a walk like we did, or to use some of the public transport by the road and to visit the lakes and small towns.

Follow this link for details on the activities offered at Parque Arvi.

It cost’s the same (5 500 COP) to ride back down to Santo Domingo where you transfer back onto the Metro system - paying another 2 400 COP.

From here enjoy the ride back down over the barrios, transfer back to the Metro to your destination.

It was a most enjoyable half day outing but be prepared for the temperature to be a few degrees colder up there.

All prices April 2018


parque arvi

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