February 13

Tulum Vacation is a Dream Location


Tulum Mexico is home to stunning beaches, cenotes, eco-parks and a laid back lifestyle. The cost of living is reasonable and the way of life enviable. Walking and cycling is common and the environment makes this ideal … getting around and keeping fit.


We took the ADO bus from downtown Cancun to Tulum. Having decided to go to there as it’s a small town in an eco-friendly area.

Like Asia, Mexico has a strong bus culture and the service is easy to use. The bus trip was a very comfortable two and a half hours which included a short stop at Playa del Carmen.

After a challenging day making it to Mexico we arrived in Tulum and life got back to relative normality.

Our Tulum Vacation

Our AirBnB accommodation was a small apartment in a residential area. Within easy walking distance to the town.

On two occasions we hired bicycles. On the first we explored the beach and parts of town and the following morning visited the Tulum Ruins.

Having seen the crowds at the ruins during the previous midday we decided to visit when it opened the next day. We arrived at 8am as one of the first visitors. It was perfect. We walked through with a few people and never had to compete for space or for a view. As we left at about 9:30am the bus loads of visitors started to arrive.

The following day we cycled up to the Grand and Carwash Cenotes. The Grand Canote was not overcrowded. The crystal clear blue water, fish and turtles makes it a popular tourist attraction but the people came and went in a steady stream. Carwash Cenote, apart from a few divers, was virtually deserted.They were very different but enjoyable in their own way.

Tulum has a wide range of visitors. Young backpackers and older folk from the US. Experiencing the laid back hippie lifestyle or thawing their bones from the harsh cold weather at home.

Tulum is rapidly changing as more and more hotels and resorts are built. Advertisements for new housing estates litter the roadsides. 

Things we liked

  • A Tulum vacation caters for every age and interest.
  • Tulum is small but vibrant and action packed.
  • The lifestyle is slow in a pleasant way.
  • There is little traffic
  •  Motorists are vey considerate of cyclists and pedestrians.

Things that weren't so great!

  • Outside town there's too much garbage scattered along the road.
  • Barking dogs.


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