February 14

Trinidad Cuba not Trinidad West Indies


We arrived in Trinidad Cuba after another bumpy ride on another very grubby Viazul bus.


The name Trinidad Cuba conjures an image. But the town was unexpected with very narrow and very rough cobbled streets and lots of shabby buildings. After collecting our bags, we walked across the parking lot to where there was a row of men standing behind a rope strung across between two buildings holding up “taxi” signs.

Not your traditional taxi but a pedal powered taxi (peditaxi) for two people. With a fee of CUC4 each negotiated for 2 of these we set off to our accommodation.

Whenever you get a taxi from an airport, bus station or ferry landing and you’re not sure exactly where you’re going or how much you should pay you will be overcharged. We were … again!

This ride did justify some of the fee as we bumped over the rough cobbled roads. Cobbles that would make the cobbles on the Paris-Roubaix look like a finely paved sidewalk. These only extend a few hundred metres in the old town and soon we were going downhill on smoother streets. Weaving from side to side to avoid the potholes.

On our first walk through the town we saw some of the more attractive buildings and the busloads of visitors. The town was a hive of activity with the sounds of rhythmical music coming from all directions.

Playa Ancon

We took a collective taxi from Trinidad CUC2 per person to the beach at Playa Ancon. It was a perfect day – sunny, not too hot with a gentle breeze. It’s a white sand beach and not very busy.

The Caribbean ocean was clear and like a lake.

Just a perfect few hours.

Cerra de la Vigia

We did a leisurely hike up to the top of the mountain behind the city. Going past the burned out remains of an erstwhile Spanish military hospital turned luxury hotel.

From the top the views are through the Valle de los Ingenios, over Trinidad to the Caribbean. With the Topes de Collantes over the valley.

The walk is quite steep in places and a large area had been burnt. A fire started by a cigarette!

Good Food

We ate at 3 different restaurants and the food at all three was reasonably priced and delicious. In contrast to previous eating experiences in Cuba where often quality is sacrificed for quantity.

Casa Particular

We stayed outside the old city. A short distance from Parque Cespedes (a WiFi park like many with terrible connectivity) and within easy walking distance to many restaurants and the city centre.

When we left Trinidad we were quoted CUC10 for a tricycle taxi to take us 800 metres to the Viazul bus station. It was so ludicrous that we just walked!

Trinidad Cuba – Summary

  • Worth a visit? Another run down Cuban town with some classical architecture. Some very attractive buildings that have been renovated next to others that are dilapidated and neglected.
  • It’s a party town. Music and dancing till late at night. So if that’s your thing it could be worth it.
  • Playa Ancon is a short ride from the town and has a long white sand beach. On the day we were there the weather was magnificent and the beach was quite deserted.
  • Mountain biking could be fun. There are some good climbs around.
  • Water running through the streets, horse shit all over them and large cobbles makes it something different.


cobbled streets, Trinidad cuba

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