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Havana Cuba

Havana Cuba – a fascinating but sad city

Much has been written about Havana Cuba. It’s unique. With a chequered past. From Hemingway to the Mafia.

Today it’s old American cars - relics of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Classical architecture. A large number of neglected classical buildings with a sprinkling of partially renovated classical buildings.

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ADO bus travel Mexico

ADO Bus Travel Mexico

ADO bus travel through Mexico is a pleasure. The terminus is reasonably well sign posted, the announcements can be difficult to understand but there is always someone around to help.

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visa for cuba

Visa for Cuba Tourist Card – Easy or Not

If you’re from South Africa, or one of many other countries, you CANNOT get a Visa for Cuba Tourist Card at the airport. Or on arrival in Cuba.

You MUST get the Visa Tourist Card at a Cuban Embassy. Without one you will not be permitted to board a flight.

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Tulum Grand Canotes

Tulum Vacation is a Dream Location

Tulum Mexico is home to stunning beaches, cenotes, eco-parks and a laid back lifestyle. The cost of living is reasonable and the way of life enviable. Walking and cycling is common and the environment makes this ideal … getting around and keeping fit.

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Air Travel Around the World – The Roger Effect

Our air travel around the world had recently had a few hiccups. It was compounded with Roger saying “I think that it's all going to be a breeze” as we prepared to leave the US and head to Mexico.

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Amtrak travel

Amtrak Travel Salinas to Los Angeles

Our Amtrak travel by bus and train to Los Angeles started in Monterey  on a chilly but clear winter morning. After a speedy (hair-raising!) Uber journey we arrived at Salinas station far too early. It was chilling cold, misty and windy.

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Amtrak - Lost and Found

Amtrak – Lost and Found

A​s we arrived in Monterey I made a horrible discovery – my wife’s passport ​was missing. It had ​been in my computer bag ... now gone!

As I replayed the last few hours in my mind I knew when it happened.

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Amtrak train travel

Amtrak Train Travel

We decided that Amtrak train travel overnight from Portland to Salinas would be a new experience. The adventure was nostalgic and pleasantly enjoyable.

Taking me back to my days of travelling to and from boarding school in the 1960's in Southern Africa … where we endured three days on the train getting to school and three days getting back ... three times a year! One and a half times around the world!   

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Mt Hood Portland Oregon

Our Time in Portland Oregon

We spent time in Portland Oregon to visit a son I hadn’t seen for six years. Been married for five years and we’d never met his wife!

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San Francisco

San Francisco – A Beautiful Ugly City

After my US visa drama it was a great relief to arrive in San Francisco as planned with no delays or extra costs.

The change in weather was expected but the difference n temperature came as a jolt. From a humid 30 degrees in Kuala Lumpur to a chilly 8 degrees in San Francisco.

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