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Bus Travel Panama

Bus Travel – Panama

Panama has a bus travel culture. There are very limited railways and flying is both expensive and an increasing hassle.

We travelled from Uvita in Costa Rica  to Boquete in Panama.

Often bus travel is a lot more enjoyable than taking a flight.

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Bus Travel Costa Rica

Bus Travel – Costa Rica

Bus Travel Costa Rica is a part of the travel culture. There are very limited railways and flying is both expensive and a pain.

Distances are short and although bus trips are long in relation to the distance they will often be my choice.

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uvita costa rica

Uvita – Costa Rica

After Quepos we decided to spend a few days in Uvita Costa Rica. A small town, a very small town, on the coast. We booked our accommodation at what looked like a very highly recommended hostel. The only concern we had was this was the first place we would go with a 'shared bathroom'.

Uvita is a great place to hang out, meet other interesting visitors and have interesting conversations over a wide range of subjects.
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Holiday in Cebu

Holiday in Cuba – Insights – Final

My final thoughts and insights of our holiday in Cuba. To get the complete story read part 1, 2 and 3. 

Cuba leaves one with very mixed feelings - sadness at the abuse of the people by a failed system - anger at another example of America's bullying - resignation that it's another example of meaningless liberation - acceptance that revolutionaries can't build.

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holiday in cuba

Holiday in Cuba – Insights – Part 3


When on holiday in Cuba Internet access does exist ... but! To access it is a step by step process: first you have to buy an access card and then find and get to a WiFi (weefee) zone. Standing or sitting on a pavement or a park bench getting access. With a slow and limited connection.

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cuba transportation

Holiday in Cuba – Transportation – Part 2

Cuba Transportation by Road

Off the National Highway getting anywhere with Cuba transportation by road is very slow. Negotiating plodding water buffalo drawn carts, horse carts, dilapidated motorcycles and cars. 

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SEPA Spanish School

Speak Spanish Fast Join the SEPA Spanish School in Costa Rica

Today we said “hasta luego” for the last time as we started our walk from SEPA Spanish School to the bus stop in town . After attending two weeks of "Survival Spanish" classes we were sad at leaving. We'd met interesting people and our Spanish had advanced from “non-existent” to “confused"!

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Holiday in Cuba – Insights – Part 1

We spent 3 weeks travelling around the western half of Cuba speaking to people, visiting shops, sightseeing and trying to form an unidealistic, realistic opinion about the country.

The simple conclusion. The system has failed most people.

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Quepos Costa Rica

Quepos Costa Rica – a lifestyle town

We arrived in Quepos after a long day of traveling. Four hours by bus from Monteverde to San Jose. Then the mission of finding a suitcase at the airport … which thanks to Cubana air had detoured via Caracas and arrived 10 days after the flight!! This was followed by a few hours waiting in an apology of a restaurant that charged like a 3 star Michelin restaurant for street food. This was topped off with a three-hour shuttle trip to Quepos.

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monteverde cloud forest

Monteverde Costa Rica – A Special Place

We decided to take the jeep-ferry-jeep from La Fortuna to Monteverde. It is quite a short distance but over mountainous terrain.

We were collected in a full bus … again becoming aware of the number of tourists around.

This is the peak of the visitor season when temperatures are mild and there is no rain.

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