April 13

Thanks Medellin – To The Young Woman and Metrocable Attendants


Thanks Medellin! Firstly to the young Paisa woman who came to my assistance and to the Metrocable attendants at Line L who then recovered my phone.


Our visit to Parque Arvi, a nature area situated just outside of Medellin in Colombia,  involved a Metro ride to Acevedo station from where we would take Metrocable K up over the working class barrios to San Antonio station.

From there a transfer to Metrocable Line L which goes non-stop to Parque Arvi. A one way trip of just under 20 minutes. As we made our way up and over the top of the hill the valley of Medellin disappeared.

Views of Medellin replaced by small farms, soon they also disappeared and we were left with magnificent views of valleys and the jungle with its majestic trees.

I was captivated and was taking pictures with both my camera and my phone. The journey was soon over.

Parque Arvi

We hopped off at Parque Arvi and headed across to arrange a guided walk. At the entrance there was market of fresh produce and local souvenirs. It was scrupulously clean and neatly laid out. Colourful fruits and delicate handmade products.

As we were wandering through I reached down to my pocket for my phone.

It wasn't there!

As I ripped open the pockets on the rucksack I had a sinking feeling. My phone had been left on the seat in the gondola.

I ran back to the station office to find that my limited Spanish didn’t get through to the station attendants. Turning I then ran to the information desk to see if anyone could help – as I stumbled through my explanation I realised that I was failing.

Colombian Kindness and Help

When a young woman turned and with an accented voice said “I think I can help you”.

With that we turned and as we raced back to the cable station I explained what had happened. She was a Colombian and helped to get my message across. Once she had explained the situation we were told that the gondola was still on its way down. I thought that we’d been in gondola number 66 and communicated this to the attendant.

The attendants phone rang and as she listened to the call a puzzled look came over her face. There was no gondola numbered 66!!

Twenty minutes had passed and the attendant at the lower level was now looking into each gondola as it arrived. Her phone rang again and she smiled – he’d found the phone and it was on its way back up in a sealed gondola.

The young woman and her boyfriend who had stayed until this time were now showered with my gratitude and “muchas gracias” thanks … although I had never even got their names.

I was very grateful as my phone is an integral part of my life – Google Translate, Google Maps, Trail Wallet plus all the other apps.

Thanks to my young Paisa saviour and the cable attendants at Metrocable – I’ll never forget this day.

P.S. I later remembered that my gondola number 66 was the first gondola we’d taken.


Kind Colombian woman, Metrocable, parque arvi

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