January 16

Retire or Rove Offshore

​To rove or retire offshore is an exciting and challenging experience ... ​although at times also a bit daunting, frustrating and confusing!

​Stretched out of your comfort zone. ​ Having to ​communicate in a new language, using unfamiliar apps, navigating unfamiliar places, adopting and integrating into a new culture and eating different food. ​Added to ​all these the other unexpected challenges!


So why do it? What is the payback? Is the travelling or move off to some way off exotic location really worth it?

It must be. For a host of reasons, more and more people are making this decision:

  • Overseas travel is fun. It's Inspiring, humbling, eye opening and sometimes a bit hair-raising!
  • Many aspects of the quality of life abroad are "better" or just different!
  • Life at home has changed ... ​it's not what it used to be. What else is out there?
  • It opens opportunities to spread financial risk.
  • To retire offshore is often cheaper than retiring at home.
  • There are rising feelings of internationalism and a desire for independence and sovereign freedom.
  • More and more people are becoming aware of the growing number of good reasons to plant flags in other countries.
  • Some are following their children.
  • For others it’s part of their “Plan B”. In the past most governments have made rash economic decisions. Now the politicians are being forced (with the threat of losing their jobs) into making other rash decisions to correct the previous rash decisions!

​So ... ​there's a real ​mix of reasons!

For us, our children are living scattered all over the world. In the UK, US, Australia and the Middle and Far East. Having adopted the nomadic character of their forebears spreading their horizons, seeking to find better opportunities.

However, ​our rising concerns about the future of South Africa, and departed children have unearthed a new and exciting solution. Opening our eyes to look at the possibilities to rove or retire ​​to other countries.

In the past retirement lifestyles were more staid. There was no reason to consider moving ... but that's all changing.

Where to Rove or Retire Offshore?

Many Americans are looking to South and Central America as a convenient ​ destination. With the many discounted and convenient flights ​to destinations around the world it's easy to get anywhere.

Either proactively, or in response, a number of ​South and Central American countries are providing incentives to retirees. Seeing them as a source of expertise and income.

Countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile and Mexico have already seen lots of interest and they're making it as attractive as possible for retirees to visit or retire offshore.

While for Europeans, and a growing number of Americans, there is a growing interest in various European countries like France, Greece, Portugal and Spain. Who with their debt problems should welcome some self-sufficient ​foreign nomads.

The islands of Malta and Cyprus are attractive retirement destinations as they have large English speaking populations and attractively low tax rates.

If you are looking to retire or rove to a foreign country Asia may be your choice. There is growing demand for information for countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

All of ​these Asian options offer many alluring and ​uique ​experiences with a very low cost of living. They are also the centre of a vibrant and thriving economic area.

If you are looking for a bit more risk and challenges, but ​wonderful game parks, wide open spaces and opportunities for volunteering then somewhere in Africa may be your choice.

​As you work through your retirement planner you should seriously consider these options as they could ​transform a potentially hum drum retirement into an exciting and invigorating adventure.


Ecuador, France, Malaysia, Panama, Spain

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