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Lake Titicaca Peru Overnight Stay


The Lake Titicaca Peru overnight stay excursion includes visiting the Uros Floating Islands, Taquile Island and spending the night with a local family on Amantani Island.

​The journey starts from Puno which is one of the stops on the PeruHop bus route.


From the ferry we  enjoyed the varied views of Lake Titicaca.

We learned about the very different way of life of the floating island people. and the importance of the simple totora reed. The lifeblood “land” of these communities  We saw how these islands are built and anchored. Designed so they can survive the rising and falling lake and any natural adversity that comes their way.

While staying with a local, hospitable family on Amantani Island we experienced first hand their harsh life.

Lake Titicaca Peru

 overnight stay 

Puno City to Uros Islands 

The Lake Titicaca Peru overnight stay trip started after breakfast on my 70th birthday with a transfer from our hostel to the port.

Chugging over the waters of Lake Titicaca by ferry boat through channels flanked by water reeds. Sitting on the top whipped by a chilly wind and taking in the 360 degree views!

At Uros we visited two of the sixty floating islands. There was a demonstration by the island leader of how the islands are made and maintained. We were then led away in small groups to look inside the peoples’ homes … a bit of a disguised pressure selling tactic!

The locals do not speak any English and unless you speak Spanish it’s more of a products for sale presentation.

Uros Islands to Amantani

We then hopped on board a traditional reed boat for a short ride (this is optional and at an additional cost (10 SOL per person – USD3). Once leaving the islands, we began the cruise to Amantani. 

After approximately 3 hours, we arrived at Amantani. The locals are on the jetty awaiting the arrival. Met by the family who hosted us during our stay, we made our way up a steep, rough path to their homes. Waiting for us was a typical lunch, made from interesting, local ingredients.

In the afternoon, we had a short time to get to know our local family … ​our family ​ had a delightful four year old girl who quickly “adopted” us. In the late afternoon I did the optional 1 hour hike up to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) temple to watch the sunset. Getting back to the central square we joined up with our host, who lead us home by torchlight for dinner.

For some evening entertainment, there was an option to take part in a typical celebration, with dancing and music – we took the other option. Going to bed! 

Amantani Island to Taquile Island to Puno city 

The next day started with an early breakfast at 7:00 am with our host, and a walk down to the harbor for the hour long trip to Taquile island.

On arrival at the island, we set off up the steep hill to Plaza de Armas.

Here, there were displays of the textiles, and we learned how the local community make a living on this island. From the plaza there’s a gentle walk to the restaurant for lunch.

A simple but delicious meal (additional 25 SOL – USD7.50) of quinoa soup, trout, rice, chips, vegetables, and tea was on offer. After lunch we had a few moments to take in the peaceful surroundings before heading back to the harbor and the two hour ride back to Puno.

After arriving in Puno midafternoon, there was a short walk to the bus to transfer us back to our hostel.

We’d met new friends and I had a very unique 70th birthday experience ​with the Lake Titicaca Peru overnight stay.


70th birthday, Amantani Island, PeruHop, Puno, Taquile Island, Uros Floating Islands

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