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Salar de Uyuni Tours

Salar de Uyuni Tours – A Unique Lifetime Experience

We arrived in Uyuni the day before setting out with Perla da Bolivia - our choice of the many Salar de Uyuni tours.  

Uyuni is a desolate town – a far cry from the glory mining days many years ago. Added to the dust and desolation there was a biting cold wind!

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Bolivia Tourist Attractions

Bolivia Tourist Attractions are Blessed by Nature

We transferred from Peru Hop to Bolivia Hop  after clearing the border on the way to the first of our Bolivia tourist attractions ... the lakeside town of Copacabana.

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Bolivia Hop Review

Bolivia Hop Review

As we went through the border from Puno in Peru to Copacabana in Bolivia we changed from Peru Hop to Bolivia Hop.

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PeruHop and BoliviaHop

PeruHop and BoliviaHop Bus

We highly recommend PeruHop and BoliviaHop as our experience with them was memorable. The company is well managed and you get the feeling that they really care about their customers … the result is a memorable experience.

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