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Air Travel Around the World – The Roger Effect

Our air travel around the world had recently had a few hiccups. It was compounded with Roger saying “I think that it's all going to be a breeze” as we prepared to leave the US and head to Mexico.

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Year long world rove

Year Long World Rove

The  overall plan for our round the world trip is that we’ll take about a year and fly all the major sectors.

As we travel we want to establish a reasonable cost for a middle of the road lifestyle in the various places we visit and what it’s like living there as a foreigner.

For the bulk of the time we will stay in AirBnB’s and we’ll keep a detailed account of our day to day expenses

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Malaysia 2017

Malaysia 2017

So this is the start of a one year round the world trip. I believe it’s important to approach this with a positive, adaptable, patient mindset.

There are going to be delays, frustrations, possible accidents, bad accommodation, losses, maybe robberies, feeling sick; so we’ll just take them in our stride. 

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round the world

Round the World Trip

The idea for our round the world trip resulted from Roger wanting to visit Machu Pichu and me wanting to experience the lifestyle in a number of countries in Asia, South America and Europe.

Wanting to travel to and experience the many varied countries of the world while we are still fit and healthy.

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15 Reasons to Retire the Word Retirement

1. The word is confusing. With definitions as varied as “the action or fact of leaving one's job and ceasing to work” through “the action or fact of ceasing to play a sport competitively” to “seclusion: a secluded or private place: retreat, solitude, loneliness, isolation, privacy, obscurity”.

It means something different to everyone. And now there are retirees, un-retirees, semi-retirees and "nevertirees"!

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Roving started

Our Rove Has Started

After three and a half years living and working in Cebu in the Philippines it was time to start roving. Time to live my dream and experience the world as a digital nomad. As I left I had slight feelings of apprehension ... aged 68 and “homeless” for the first time in my life.

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Retire Offshore

Retire or Rove Offshore

​To rove or retire offshore is an exciting and challenging experience ... ​although at times also a bit daunting, frustrating and confusing!

​Stretched out of your comfort zone. ​ Having to ​communicate in a new language, using unfamiliar apps, navigating unfamiliar places, adopting and integrating into a new culture and eating different food. ​Added to ​all these the other unexpected challenges!

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