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cuba visa

Cuba Visa Information for South Africa Passports

Relying on the Cuba visa information from Google can result in an uncomfortable and expensive mistake.

This is an account of the stressful and expensive visa hassle we had travelling with a South African passport to Cuba. The problem compounded by the very poor search results produced by Google. Who meaninglessly feed articles that are years out of date on to the top of the search results.

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Holiday in Cebu

Holiday in Cuba – Insights – Final

My final thoughts and insights of our holiday in Cuba. To get the complete story read part 1, 2 and 3. 

Cuba leaves one with very mixed feelings - sadness at the abuse of the people by a failed system - anger at another example of America's bullying - resignation that it's another example of meaningless liberation - acceptance that revolutionaries can't build.

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holiday in cuba

Holiday in Cuba – Insights – Part 3


When on holiday in Cuba Internet access does exist ... but! To access it is a step by step process: first you have to buy an access card and then find and get to a WiFi (weefee) zone. Standing or sitting on a pavement or a park bench getting access. With a slow and limited connection.

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cuba transportation

Holiday in Cuba – Transportation – Part 2

Cuba Transportation by Road

Off the National Highway getting anywhere with Cuba transportation by road is very slow. Negotiating plodding water buffalo drawn carts, horse carts, dilapidated motorcycles and cars. 

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Holiday in Cuba – Insights – Part 1

We spent 3 weeks travelling around the western half of Cuba speaking to people, visiting shops, sightseeing and trying to form an unidealistic, realistic opinion about the country.

The simple conclusion. The system has failed most people.

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cuba government

Cuba Government has failed.

The Cuba government pays ridiculous and unacceptable low wages and pensions. The consequence of a completely failed political system.

The people are not happy but completely resigned trying to find ways to work around the system. Hoping that they have some family connection to Spain or a family member who has left the country and can now provide some support.

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cuba transportation

Cuba Transportation – collectivo taxi or bus

As we were a little wary of the collectivo taxis we initially used the Viazul bus service for our Cuba transportation. But after using a collectivo we preferred them to the bus.

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Cienfuegos cuba

Cienfuegos Cuba – My Best Cuban Town

Arriving in Cienfuegos Cuba after two long, bumpy Viazul bus rides from Vinales was a pleasant eye opener. It looked different and felt different from the cities we’d visited. It was cleaner, less run down and the house colours more muted.

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Trinidad Cuba not Trinidad West Indies

We arrived in Trinidad Cuba after another bumpy ride on another very grubby Viazul bus.

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viazul cuba

The Viazul Cuba bus station in Havana is the pits!

The Viazul Cuba bus station toilet in Havana is slummy … an insult to customers who are forced to pay to use it.

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