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visiting Malaysia

Visiting Malaysia

After our hectic travels in China and Japan we spent a welcome week visiting Malaysia again. Planning our future travels at an apartment in Petaling Jaya … a place that was starting to feel like home.

There was the realisation that only a short period in any place makes it familiar. Eating street food at places we’d visited before and shopping at familiar shops.

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retire to malaysia

Retire to Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur is a Likeable City

Retire to Malaysia and settle in Kuala Lumpur. The city that was the first stop in our yearlong round the world trip.

We were fortunate that we could ease into the trip slowly. For the first week we stayed with relatives of Roger, our travelling companion. Out of the main city in Petaling Jaya.

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Malaysia 2017

Malaysia 2017

So this is the start of a one year round the world trip. I believe it’s important to approach this with a positive, adaptable, patient mindset.

There are going to be delays, frustrations, possible accidents, bad accommodation, losses, maybe robberies, feeling sick; so we’ll just take them in our stride. 

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