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retiring in the philippines

Everything You Need to Know About Retiring in the Philippines

"It's More Fun Retiring in the Philippines"

Retiring in the Philippines is becoming the final choice of many retirees. 

In a recent survey done by Internations titled The World Through Expat Eyes the Philippines ranked 8th overall out of the 60 countries surveyed.

That's why retiring in the Philippines is a good option?

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Retire Offshore

Retire or Rove Offshore

​To rove or retire offshore is an exciting and challenging experience ... ​although at times also a bit daunting, frustrating and confusing!

​Stretched out of your comfort zone. ​ Having to ​communicate in a new language, using unfamiliar apps, navigating unfamiliar places, adopting and integrating into a new culture and eating different food. ​Added to ​all these the other unexpected challenges!

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