February 13

ADO Bus Travel Mexico


ADO bus travel through Mexico is a pleasure. The terminus is reasonably well sign posted, the announcements can be difficult to understand but there is always someone around to help.


From Cancun we travelled to Tulum and back using the ADO bus service. The schedules are available online and there are many buses travelling many routes.

The trip took about 2 hours with a short stop in Playa del Carmen. The buses are comfortable. Based on this experience we plan to take more bus trips through Central and South America.

Between Playa del Carmen and Tulum there are many resorts. Some look like impenetrable fortresses. High fences. Topped with razor wire sometimes at 2 levels. The one had manned lookout towers about every 100 metres. This seemed like a bit of an overkill in this area of Mexico?

While some fences looked impregnable others were consumed by the jungle. New resort came after new resort. Some looking deserted.

Hoping to be filled by the growing number of Russian package deal customers being flown in by a new Russian low cost airline. While waiting in Cancun airport there were 3 flights going back to cities I’d never heard of!   

The resort proliferation reminded me of a section of the beachfront from Da Nang Hoi An but at a far grander scale.

ADO Bus Travel in Mexico

Initially we were a bit apprehensive. Bus travel in not part of our lives at home. What would be the experience? How easy would we manage?

Simply we experienced … on time, clean and comfortable.

Mexica has a bus travel culture. This is embraced by visitors and there are constantly people going in every direction. The bus stations are packed with a variety of travellers. From young backpackers to the older budget conscious. Or someone wanting this adventure.

Lessons Learned

  • ADO bus travel in Mexico is easy and cheap.
  • The buses are comfortable and reliable.
  • Heavy baggage was not a problem.
  • Bus travel throughout Central America is a good option.


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