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Celebrate the nomadic lifestyle: and experience the planet’s most beautiful places

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain 

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Piura Peru – a dusty dirty, city in the desert
Our trip from the village of Vilcabamba in southern Ecuador to Piura in northern Peru was via the city of[...]
Vinales Cuba – a peaceful farming valley
Vinales Cuba valley is a farming area famous for tobacco. Grown to supply the world renown Cuban cigar industry. Made[...]
My First Onsen Experience
We arrived at our ryokan in Hakone  and after a walk around the village it was time to experience our[...]
Holiday in Cuba – Insights – Part 3
InternetWhen on holiday in Cuba Internet access does exist ... but! To access it is a step by step process:[...]
Vitivinicola Bus Wine Tour – The Do it Yourself Option
We decided to take the Vitivinicola bus wine tour in Mendoza Argentina as prices of upwards of $150 per person[...]
The Internet in Cuba – it just exists
The internet in Cuba sucks! Accessing it as a visitor is far more frustrating and a bigger hassle than anywhere[...]
Retiring in Cebu Philippines – laid back lifestyle and tropical weather
What would it be like retiring in Cebu were my thoughts as the plane's wheels shuddered onto the runway. Bumping and[...]
Nara – Home of the Friendly Deer
Nara is situated a short train ride away from Kyoto and makes for a very enjoyable day trip. Although it[...]

Living is NOT HAVING a retirement

Living IS DOING retirement

Take a chance, try something different. Satisfy your inquisitiveness. Your open mindedness. Your interest in the world. Your sense of adventure. Be healthy and fit. Living a minimalist but purposeful life.